An overview of disruptive technologies for aquaculture

An overview of disruptive technologies for aquaculture

(Kangning Yue a,, Yubang Shen,2022)

The world wild fish stocks are being depleted in an ever-increasing speed. Aquaculture is the only way to ensure sufficient seafood for the world. Conventional aquaculture can be traced back to 4000 years in China and has been very successful in the past three decades. However, aquaculture has faced serious challenges, including only a few improved species, labour-intensiveness, environmental pollution, diseases and lack of traceability of products. Aquaculture needs disruptive technologies to increase fish production. Novel and disruptive technologies, including genome editing, artificial intelligence, offshore farming, recirculating aquaculture systems, alternative proteins and oils to replace fish meals and fish oils, oral vaccination, blockchain for marketing and internet of things, may provide solutions for sustainable and profitable aquaculture. This review briefly introduces these emerging and disruptive technologies to open up a forum for an in-depth discussion on how to integrate these technologies into aquaculture to improve its sustainability and profitability.

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